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Community Council Positions

Interested in making a difference this year in your Community? Enjoy planning events or want to gain a leadership experience? Want to be better prepared for other leadership opportunities on campus like being an RA, Desk Staffer, SGA, (seb), or RSA Executive Board? Joining a Community Council is the perfect way to do that!

Community Councils organize events and collect feedback from residents to make sure their community reflects the interests of their residents

Interested in running for your Community Council? Reach out to your Community Director to see if there are any open positions, or check back here in the Fall for applications!

Position Descriptions


  • Responsible for leading CC meetings
  • Makes the agendas for meetings
  • Attends biweekly meetings with the RSA President and other CC Presidents
  • Attends meetings with CC advisor
  • Takes over responsibilities of other positions if they are vacant

Vice President

  • Assists President with meetings if needed
  • Takes over Presidential duties if President is absent


  • Responsible for keeping CC budget on track
  • Order supplies for events
  • Attend biweekly meetings with the RSA DOF and other CC treasurers
  • Report budget to CC on a monthly basis


  • Takes meeting minutes during CC meetings
  • Responsible for making sure entire CC is up to date with the most recent information

RSA Representative

  • Attend all RSA meetings **This is a mandatory requirement. If you cannot attend GBMs, please consider applying for another position**
  • Relay information between RSA and CC

Events Chair

  • Coordinates all events for the CC in coordination with the rest of the CC and Advisor
  • Works with the RSA DOE to coordinate volunteers and CC program resources