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Residential Life

The mission of the Residential Life is to provide facilities, services, and programs that support the academic mission of the institution and enhance the quality of life for students that live on campus. Residential Life staff foster the personal, social, academic, and leadership development of resident students and prepare them to be active and responsible citizens within the UMBC community and beyond. We seek to accomplish this mission by:

  • providing clean, comfortable, safe, accessible, and functional facilities;
  • providing caring, high quality, and prompt delivery of service;
  • being purposeful in our involvement, development, and empowerment of all students and staff; and
  • promoting education for all students and being purposeful and intentional in departmental decisions,services, programs, and facilities in order to foster a community where the diversity of all members of the community is respected.

UMBC is a community composed of students, faculty, and staff of different cultures, sexes, genders, ethnicities, socioeconomic backgrounds, religious affiliations, races, sexual orientations, and levels of ability. We take pride in that diversity. Each of us must do our part to encourage productive interaction and relationships among the residents who live in our residence halls and apartments. Residential Living exposes students to individuals and experiences that will help them learn about themselves and others, and how the differences and similarities they discover impact their daily lives. We believe that there is a great deal to be learned, taught, and shared by each of us.


Residential Life co-creates exceptional and innovative living-learning environments for our campus community.

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